Molecular biology is one of the very rapid development of science both from the scientific as well as the methods used to study it. It is very useful for interests of the discovery and development of drugs and therapies, that all of that need molecular approach to reach the high sensitivity and selectivity in the target.

Cancer Chemoprevention Research Center (CCRC) as one of research group in Faculty of Pharmacy UGM will hold Workshop molecular biology techniques that often used for cancer research.

There are varios type of Workshop that will be held, which every type of workshop include short course, discussion, and laboratory work. Type of workshop which held:

1. Cell Culture In Vitro

Date: November,19-20 2012, Fee Rp 1.500.000,00 (maximum 20 participants)
2. Western Blot

Date: November, 21-22 Fee Rp2.000.000 (maximum 20 participants)

3. Molecular Docking

Date: November, 23 2012, Fee: Rp 800.000,00 (maximum 10 participants)

4. Carcinogenesis In vivo

Date: November, 26-27 2012, Fee Rp 1.500.000,00 (maximum 20 participants)
5. Ovariectomy

Date: November, 28-29 2012, Fee Rp 1.500.000,00 (maximum 20 participants)

Information Workshop Molecular Biology on Cancer 2012 BATCH II

1. Discount 10% will be given to the participants that follow more than 1 (one) type of workshop.
2. Each type of workshop will be held when followed by a minimum of 5 participants.
3. Special for ISCC member get discount 10%

4. Special for undergraduate students get discount 25%.

Registration opened until 2 days before workshop. Online registration through email to:, with attach file scan payment evidence. Or direct registration at:
Secretariat CCRC Fakultas Farmasi UGM
Sekip Utara Yogyakarta, Indonesia,55281
Telp: (0274) 6492662, Fax: (0274) 543120

Payment can be transferred through:
Bank BNI Cabang UGM (a.n. Edy Meiyanto)
Account Number: 01-964-78-448

CP: Rika   (081802602749);    Linda (085238059521)