A.      Registration

  • Registration done first with download registration form on and filled according to the instruction.
  • The registration form that has been filled, Identity Card/Family Card, raport scores, scientific paper, and attachment of supporting achievement file (certificate, charter, reference letter, decision letter, etc) can be sent :
  1. Via email with format (.zip) maximum size 10 MB. Please send to email with subject REMAIS_NAMA_2012 or
  2. Via post or directly delivered to secretariat.
  3. Document must be received no later than July, 30 2012 (NEW)

B.      Selection

  • First level selection (desk evaluation) is done based:

1) Administrative documents/requirements,

2) Scientific paper,

3) List of dedication activity, organization, and academic

4) Average score of raport

Assessment of selection in the first level will be taken 100 best participants will be announced on August, 2 2012 on website and One hundred participants will be invited in the event Grand Final on August, 5 2012 in Mesjid Jami’ At Taqwa Minomartani

Participants that were announced as finalists must bring original supporting file in the form certificate and the other reference certificate when follow the final of Representative Muslim Teens Selection, for showed to the jury.

  • Grand Final (last selection) was done against 7 (seven) best participants that pass in the first selection, that will be announced on August, 5 2012 in Mesjid Jami’ At Taqwa Minomartani.
  • As for the final assessment against 7 Grand Finalis include:

1) Scientific paper presentation,

2) Mastery of the religion of Islam and Al-qur’an (Tahsin and Tahfidz),

For the other 93 participants, beside watch the series of grand final event, also will follow:

1) Workshop writing paper that was presented by the winner of Pemilihan Peneliti Remaja Indonesia (PPRI) LIPI, PIMNAS DIKTI, and Mahasiswa Berprestasi UGM.

2) Tausiyah Ramadhan

3) Together Iftar


The result of final assessment will be announced in together iftar August, 5 2012.


C.      Assessment Team

          I. Paper Juries

  • Prof. Ir. H. Djamasri, Ph.D (Jury of PIMNAS, Lecturer of Faculty of Engineering UGM).
  • Prof. Dr. H. Edy Meiyanto, M.Si., Apt (Jury of PIMNAS, Lecturer of Faculty of Pharmacy UGM)
  • Dr. Hj. Avin Fadilla Helmi, M.Psi. (Supervisor of Reasoning UGM)

II.  Jury Mastery Islam and the Qur’an

  • Prof. Dr. H. Achmad Mursyidi, M.Sc., Apt. (Chairman of the Muslim Forum Yogyakarta, Lecturer of UAD)
  • Drs. H. Abdul Malik Usman M.Ag (Coach of Qira’ah, Lecturer of Faculty of Philosophy UGM)
  • Drs. M. Subhan (Teacher of Islam Religion at MAN 1 Yogyakarta)

III. File Selection Team

  1. Main Juries
  2. CCRC Faculty of Pharmacy UGM
  3. Achieving Students of UGM


1. Cancer Chemoprevention Research Center (CCRC)

Faculty of Pharmacy UGM (

Sekip Utara 55281

2. Masjid Jami’ At Taqwa Minomartani

Jl. Piranha Raya No.7 Perumnas Minomartani Ngaglik Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia 55581 (

Cp : CCRC ( 081802602749)

Rahmi (085729186401)

Nasrul (085643192780)

Email :
















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