A.      General Requirements

General requirement is a requirement which participants who met the requirement of completeness Representative Muslim Teen Selection DIY:

  • Citizen of Republic of Indonesia, Muslim Teens age 15 – 18 years old.(be evidenced with Family Card/Birth Certificate
  • Domiciled in DIY (be evidenced with Student Identity Card/Identity Card/ Reference Letter from RT/RW)

B.      Special Requirements

          Special requirements is the requirements requirements that must be met participants will be assessed by the jury in accordance with the achievement of which is owned :

  • Two grades last semester report cards.
  • Scientific paper/essay which was written in standard Indonesian with following provisions :
  1. Theme : Membangun Generasi Bangsa yang Cerdas, Kreatif dan Berakhlak Mulia.
  2. Maximal 10 page
  3. Font Times New Roman 12; space 1,5 lines; Margin: left 4 cm, top 3 cm, right 3 cm; bottom 3 cm.
  4. Includes : Background, Purpose of Writing, Benefit of Writing, Idea (description of the problem, proposed solving the problem, and implementation strategy of the idea), Conclusion, References.

*Registration form (can be download) which contains the dedication activities, organizations, and academic and supporting documents.