A.      Background

Teens are candidates for the next generation who carry out a huge mandate in advance Indonesia. Indonesia as nation with Muslim majority great hope in the development of muslim youth. Adolescence becomes very crucial because as first step of moral formation towards superior human in faith and piety. Not only that, Muslim youth also act in filtering globalization flow that enter in Indonesia as a form of maintaining characteristic of the nation. Muslim youth are hoped besides giving Islam representation also can study well, having activity for developing their soft skills so that become independent, full initiative, work carefully, full responsible, and persistent. Aware of the important role of teenager so that needs to be done effort to stimulate teenager to do positive activity, especially Muslim youth.

Currently still a little appreciation against Muslim teenager achievement in Indonesia. Almost have no design of teen election that comprehensive and holistic. Appreciation often just given to people without saw their spiritual side. Whereas, Muslim teenager achievement not less than the other teenager. There is more value with the existence of ability to understand of Islam and spiritual value. Therefore, it is necessary to hold event Representative Muslim Teen Selection as a form of appreciation against achievement and spiritual of Muslim teenager.

Special Region of Yogyakarta with predicate as City Students very suitable as initiator in event Representative Muslim Teen Selection. Ramadhan became precise momentum to start this. Representative Muslim Teens not only have a good academic value, but also Muslim Teens who excel in achievement, has roundness idealism, concern for others in applying science, also religious values that is not hedonic. It is become important to be used as a benchmark value in Representative Muslim Teen Selection. The values that prioritize democratic values, humanity, social sensitivity, kinship, and religiosity must be a soul in the design of mainstream and design of Representative Muslim Teen Selection DIY. With the existence of this design, it is hoped can increase teens capacity as the next generation and accelerate the other area in Indonesia for giving the same appreciation.


B.      Purpose

1. Give appreciation to the teenager who success to reach high award in applying Islam representative value.

2. Give motivation to the Muslim teens for doing positive activity as an effort to integrate intellectual and spiritual capacity.

3. Support DI Yogyakarta area to develop climate that can facilitate teens to reach achievement that proud for the progress of the nation.


C.      Participants

Teens Indonesian citizens age 15- 18 years domiciled Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta