Ki Tolod (lsotoma longiflora Presi.)

Ki Tolod (lsotoma longiflora Presi.)

1. Name of Plants

Local name :Ki tolod, daun tolod (Sunda), Kendali, sangkobak (Jawa)

Synonym : Laurentia longiflora (Linn.), Peterm.

2. Classification of Plants

Family : Campanuiaceae

3. Description of Plants

Plants from the West Indies grows wild in the drains or rivers, rice fields, around fences and other places are moist and open. Ki tolod can be found from the lowlands to 1,100 m above sea level. Upright herb, up to 60 cm, branched from the base, white gummy sharp taste and contain toxic. Single leaf, sitting, lancet shape, rough surface, pointed tip, base narrowed, curved edges inward, toothed up curved pinnate. Leaves 5-17 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, green color. The flowers are upright, single, out of the armpit leaves, long-stemmed, white star-shaped crown. The fruit is bell-shaped boxes of fruit, duck, broke into two spaces, seed lot. Propagation by seed, stem cuttings or saplings.

4. Chemical Ingredients and Uses

Alkaloid compound that is lobelin, lobelamin, isotomin (Anonim, 2005). Another class of compounds as alkaloids, alkaloid content in Isotoma longiflora Presi. (lobelin, lobelamin, isotomin) allegedly capable of being used as an anti-cancer. Toxic sap. anti-inflammatory.

Usefulness leaves: for toothache medicine; asthma, bronchitis, sore throat; cure wounds.

Flowers: eye drops. The whole plant: cancer drugs.

5. Anticancer research


Contributors : Rina Maryani and Adam Hermawan