Participation of CCRC in The 74th Annual Meeting of Japanese Cancer Association

jca4Cancer Product Exibition in JCA 2015

The 74th Annual Meeting of Japanese Cancer Association (JCA) 2015 is the 74th annual seminar organized by JCA, which is an association of cancer researchers based in Japan. Seminar is held at the Nagoya Congress Center, Nagoya, Japan on October 8-10th 2015 with the theme “From Collaboration to Integration: Cancer Research for Patients’ Benefit”. At the seminar, CCRC participates by sending delegations with two oral presentation titles, “Combination of Curcumin with Its analogues (PGV-0 and PGV-1) Inhibits Proliferation and Metastasis on 4T1 Cells” and “Combination of brazilein and cisplatin inhibit migration and invasion through inhibition of MMP9 activity” each was presented by Prof. Dr. Edy Meiyanto, M.Sc., Apt and Sri Handayani, M.Sc., Apt. In addition, the CCRC also participates two poster presentation titles, “Combination of KPGV-0 and doxorubicin exhibits anti-proliferative and anti-invasive effects on 4T1 breast cancer cells,” and “Chemoprevention activity of Gynura procumbens (Lour) Merr ethanolic extract: Carcinogenesis and Metastasis Inhibition”, each owas presented by Herwandhani Putri, M.Biotech., Apt and drh. Retno Murwanti M.P., Ph.D.

jcaOral Presentation by Prof. Dr. Edy Meiyanto, M.Si., Apt

jca5Poster Presentation by Herwandhani Putri, M.Biotech., Apt

jca6Poster Presentation by drh. Retno Murwanti M.P., Ph.D

Besides attending the seminar, the delegation of CCRC also visit members of CCRC who are studying in NAIST. Cooking, sharing souvenirs especially Indonesian food, from canned gudeg until abon sapi, and eating them together become our desire releaser with friends and Indonesian cuisine.

jca7Cooking in Ayameike

jca11Dinner with Mrs. Ida and Kawaichi Sensei

Not to forget, the delegation of CCRC also visit the tourist attractions around Nagoya and Osaka. The chosen places are Nagoya TV Tower, Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel and Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan.

jca8Nagoya TV Tower

jca9Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Hopefully the seminar can be an inspiration for CCRC to work ahead and develop cancer chemoprevention research in the future.

Contributor: Sri Handayani